StarComms offers the benefit of more than 100 years of combined experience in the field of infrastructure provisioning for information, telecommunications, and IP-based security technologies, and our customers benefit from our experience in dealing with end-users, subcontractors and vendors, bringing an understanding of these environments to all our projects.

We offer our customers and business partners a complete set of reticulation and infrastructure provisioning solutions, and pride ourselves for being a company that:

 Makes an effort to

understand your requirements…

Has the expertise, experience and resources to provide you with an infrastructure mix that works…

Is proactive

and dedicated…


Services Offered by StarComms


SMART Surveillance

ACCESS Control


SERVER ROOM/DATA CENTRE Systems implementation


PROJECT Management

Our approach

Our approach of providing complete flexibility in specification, to not only the technical requirements of each customer, but also to their specific preferences, has resulted in us helping our customers to make the most out of their technology requirements.

We start by analysing your specific needs and goals for a project, including the operational requirement, space limitations, time constraints and budget objectives. With your goals in mind, our team of engineers develop possible configurations. Working closely with you, we make the necessary revisions to initial design concepts to arrive at the best possible solution for your particular operation.

StarComms’ strategy condenses the exercise into a clear and concise process. By integrating both design and deployment services, a tighter schedule can be met, costs can be better controlled and unforeseen problems can be avoided.