When a customer knows what he needs to accomplish, but does not know what is required to meet those needs, StarComms will make recommendations, and working with the customer, engineer a system to perform to, or exceed the specifications which are required.

StarComms approach to develop a comprehensive program:

Conduct a fact-finding session with the people involved, identify the requirements and prioritize the issues
Organize the project into objectives and reach a consensus on the scope, deliverables and timing.
Develop a project plan, of tasks required to resolve each issue, and identify the available resources and timing required.
Monitor progress and facilitate the team and resources to complete the tasks on time.
Provide turnkey solutions on all required infrastructure and providing centralised project management with a single point of contact and escalation process.

We believe there is value in this arrangement because it increases your control over business results – it is our philosophy that our success is measured by the success of our customers.


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