Access control systems play an essential role in protecting a building and its contents against threats from intruders , but they can also make a wider contribution to building management and the evolution of smart building technology, particularly if building access management systems are also managed in the cloud.

Environmental Monitoring

It is critical to monitor all environmental variables for each piece of equipment to keep your data centers working smoothly and avoid unexpected outages . If something goes wrong, a technical team can take rapid preventive actions. The proper use of environmental monitoring sensors is critical to its sustainability.

Fire Suppression & Detection

Fire suppression systems for server rooms and data centres are essential to the server room itself. A fire suppression system will automatically extinguish a fire without the need of human intervention. Fire suppression systems for data centres must be suitable for clean air environments, as server rooms and data centres are mostly occupied by personnel.


Raised floor systems have various benefits that lead to companies choosing this model over other options. Overall, data centre-raised floors add to your computer room’s functionality and make it easier for employees to maintain servers and their features.


Server room air conditioners offer an economical option to keeping server rooms at a safe temperature . Servers will overheat and fail if they are not kept in a cool room. Servers generate a lot of heat, far more heat than they can sustain. This is where the importance of a strong AC system kicks in